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iPhone 6S Plus (TFT)

  • Retina Display
    Color Standard : Full sRGB Standard, Dual Domain Pixels for Wide Viewing Angles
    Resolution : 1920 x 750pixels, or 720p
    Color Gamut :
    Ave. color deviation 9.81ΔE*00
    Max color deviation 13.10ΔE*00
    Degree of color saturation [sRGB]98.92% 
    Brightness : 480 cd/m2 Maximum (ESR Backlight)
    Pixel Density : 401ppi
    Bezel : 4.71mm
    Screen-to-body Ratio : 66.67%
    Support 3D Touch
    Anti-fingerprint Glaze Index : AF Nano Oleophobic coating 
    Cold Pressed Frame
    Touch Sampling Rate : 60Hz

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