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How Aftermarket XESAME LCD Screens are Made inside Factory? Production Line Part. 1

Screen replacement is one of the most frequent repairs. In this video, let’s walk into the factory of XESAME aftermarket LCD screens and get you acquainted with the beginning of the incredible XESAME LCD screens manufacturing process.

Let's see the process as below:

1. Automated discharging, high speed to place material on production line.

2. Cleaning wipe for the connection ports with ethyl alcohol, ensuring each piece is cleaned entirely

3. Plasma cleaning, remove all eyes invisible dirt

4. Dispensing ACF glue (HITACHI) in Driver

5. IC Plying-up, preliminary immobilize IC position

6. Pasting and plying-up for FPC flex cable 7. High temperature consolidation. Precise control on parameter of temperature and pressurization in the process of linking up IC & FPC


Professional machine to ensure the high quality of our products.

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