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As iPhone battery prices rise, do we have a better option?

A news came up about the official price for iPhone replacement battery is going to be adjusted upward after the launch of iPhone 15. The adjustment involves quite a lot models.

iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE: from around 75€ ->79€

iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone11, iPhone12, iPhone13: from around 95€ ->99€

Wow!!!!!!! Battery just likes the iPhone device; its price already reflected its valued ranking.

Nevertheless……battery is installed inside the phone, is it necessary to buy iPhone battery to replace my deteriorated one? Should there be another option to provide same good quality but much lower price???

Come on!!! Today, let us open XESAME’s door to reveal our good quality for your comparison and consideration.

To enhance your confidence and trust to XESAME’s battery, we are happy to offer few samples for your own quality testing. Please kindly send us your interest by submitting your request on our official website.

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