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What Causes the Screen Touch Failure

1. Environmental factor

Over exposure to the sun causes overheating.

2. Conductive material

Grease, sweat and water are conductive substances.

3. Static electricity

Dry environment tend to cause the body to build up electrostatic charges.

4. Magnetic field reaction

Magnet, electric current, and time-varying electric fields all form magnetic field reactions that affect normal operation.

5. Voltage factor

Voltage instability affects touch drifting.

6. Other factors

Strike, vibration and other physical damage.

Methods to eliminate the possibilities of misjudgment for screen touch

1. Check whether the FPC interface is oxidized, deformed, or broken.

2. Whether the motherboard is being abnormally hot, cool it for 2 to 3 minutes and then retest.

3. The environment should be as far away from conductive materials as possible, and the indoor relative humidity should be controlled between 55 and 60%RH.

4. Avoid testing the screen while charging the device, as current instability will affect the touch function of the screen.

5. Keep the screen clean and dust-free, wipe it clean with alcohol or liquid crystal cleaner, and then test the screen.

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